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Iodine Cup 6 oz. 24/Case 49-341-000 MABIS

Iodine Cup 6 oz. 24/Case 49-341-000 MABIS
Item# MA326346

Iodine Cup, 6 oz., 24/Case

MABIS® DMI® Healthcare’s Stainless Steel Hospital Ware is manufactured to the exacting standards of the healthcare industry. Every product is manufactured using seamless technology, which eliminates areas that can harbor bacterial growth. All utensils are manufactured of 18-8 nickel-bearing stainless steel to help prevent rust. Polished to a mirror finish.

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Specifications for: Iodine Cup, 6 oz., 24/Case 49-341-000

Product Name:Iodine Cup, 6 oz., 24/Case
Manufacturer #:49-341-000
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:Iodine Cup, 6 oz., 24/Case 6 oz.
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Medical Surgical

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