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KOOLpress Standard Compress 619-3016-0100 MABIS

KOOLpress Standard Compress 619-3016-0100 MABIS
Item# MA327408

KOOLpress Standard Compress

Designed to deliver therapeutic, pain relieving cold therapy from your refrigerator or freezer. Recommended treatment for pain and swelling associated with sprains, bruises and post-operative treatment. Durable vinyl shell and non-toxic proprietary gel remains soft and pliable while frozen. Standard Compress 14" x 11"

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Specifications for: KOOLpress Standard Compress 619-3016-0100

Product Name:KOOLpress Standard Compress
Manufacturer #:619-3016-0100
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:KOOLpress Standard Compress 14" x 11"
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Hot/Cold Therapy
Keywords:UPC 0-41298-03016-4

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