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Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Burgundy 501-1028-0700 MABIS

Lightweight Aluminum Rollator Burgundy 501-1028-0700 MABIS
Item# MA326468

Lightweight Aluminum Rollator, Burgundy

Duro-Med’s extensive line of lightweight aluminum rollators folds easily for storage and travel and help make staying active possible at any age. The ability to stay connected with family and friends can be vital for good physical and mental health. For many users, rollators have become the next generation of traditional walkers, allowing them more freedom with the added convenience of a large flip-up cushioned seat, curved padded backrest, basket for storage and hand brakes for security and stability. Features adjustable handle height for maximum comfort. Ergonomic handgrips with bicycle-style loop-lock brakes keep the rollator from unwanted movement. 8” wheels travel effortlessly over most terrain. Weight capacity 300 lbs.

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Specifications for: Lightweight Aluminum Rollator, Burgundy 501-1028-0700

Product Name:Lightweight Aluminum Rollator, Burgundy
Manufacturer #:501-1028-0700
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:Lightweight Aluminum Rollator, Burgundy 300 lbs.
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Mobility
Keywords:UPC 0-41298-00016-7

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