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Medline "Comma" Wedges Foam MSC04130 Medline

Medline "Comma" Wedges Foam MSC04130 Medline
Item# MD307443

Comma Wedge - Medline "Comma" Wedges

Medline's "Comma" Wedges Are the Perfect Solution for Patients Who Must Remain On Their Sides

Medline's "Comma" Wedges feature a unique design that provides direct support at the shoulder and hip and allows air circulation between those points. Antimicrobial Nylex cover can be washed and is cool to the skin. Wedges are sold in pairs. 14˝"L x 4˝"W x 7"H

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Specifications for: Medline "Comma" Wedges, Comma Wedge MSC04130

Product Name:Medline "Comma" Wedges - "Comma" Wedge;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MSC04130
Packaging:1 Pair / Case; 2 Each / Case;
Description:Comma Wedge
Top Seller:No
Product Notes:WEDGE COMMA,NYLEX,CVR, 14.5X7H
Keywords:Furnishings, Beds, Positioners, Foam, Medline "Comma" Wedges

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MD307443 MSC04130 Medline "Comma" Wedges - "Comma" Wedge; Comma Wedge; 1 Pair / Case; 2 Each / Case;