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MedLite Beds Nursing Home Beds MDR107002L Medline

MedLite Beds Nursing Home Beds MDR107002L Medline
Item# MD307531

Semi-Electric, Two Motor, One-Crank Bed - MedLite Beds

Our MedLite Beds are Lighter, Easier, Stronger, Safer!

LighterMedLite beds weigh 137 to 145lbs. Smooth-rolling, 3" casters make bed easy to move. Two casters have top-activiated brakes to lock in place.EasierElectronics can be washed down with standard water pressure. Plastic end panels are easy to wipe down and keep clean. Bed can be easily transported without removal of motors.StrongerBeds have a 450lb weight capacity with an extra steel plate welded to the middle of the frame. Plastic end panels resist breakage. Heavy-duty remote resists breakage and moisture. Frame is painted with three coats of enamel and clear-coated to provide a strong finish that is chip and scratch resistant.SaferQuite DC Motors keep patients and caregivers safe with a low voltage system. Headspring supports are moved out of the way to resist pinching and injuries. Foot assembly hinges are placed inside frame to significantly reduce chance of pinching.Lifetime warranty on frame and welds covers lifetime of the original consumer against product defect. Five year warranty includes all other parts.

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Specifications for: MedLite Beds, Semi-Electric, Two Motor, One-Crank Bed MDR107002L

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MDR107002L
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:Semi-Electric, Two Motor, One-Crank Bed
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Furnishings, Beds, Nursing Home & Sub-Acute Care Beds, Nursing Home Beds, MedLite Beds

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