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Mineral Oil Laxatives OTC11008 Otc Generics

Item# MD313295

Mineral Oil, 16oz bottle - Mineral Oil

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Specifications for: Mineral Oil, Mineral Oil, 16oz bottle OTC11008

Product Name:MINERAL OIL, 16 OZ;
Manufacturer:Otc Generics
Manufacturer #:OTC11008
Packaging:1 Bottle / Bottle
Description:Mineral Oil, 16oz bottle
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:MINERAL OIL, 16 OZ
Keywords:Medical/Surgical, Over-The-Counter Drugs, Laxatives, Mineral Oil

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MD313295 OTC11008 MINERAL OIL, 16 OZ; Mineral Oil, 16oz bottle; 1 Bottle / Bottle