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Non-Powered Pressure Ulcer Management MSCADVSE80FR Medline

Non-Powered Pressure Ulcer Management MSCADVSE80FR Medline
Item# MD362175

Mattress, Advantage Se, 36x80x6, Fb, Re - Non-Powered Pressure Ulcer Management

Mattress, Advantage Se, 36x80x6, Fb, Re

Medline Advantage "Select" Se Mattress, 36" X 80" X 6", Fb - Provides Excellent Pressure And Shear Reduction At An Economical Price. Surface Sculpted Top Layer Provides Pressure Redistribution While Creating Airflow To Reduce Heat And Moisture Buildup. Special Convoluted Heel Section. Nylex Top Fabric Combines Durability, Performance And Reduces Shear. Fluid Proof And Antimicrobial. Meets Federal Fire Standard 16 Cfr 1633. 350 Pound Weight Capacity.

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Specifications for: Non-Powered Pressure Ulcer Management, Mattress, Advantage Se, 36x80x6, Fb, Re MSCADVSE80FR

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MSCADVSE80FR
Packaging:1 Each; 1 Each / Each
Description:Mattress, Advantage Se, 36x80x6, Fb, Re
Top Seller:No
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: NO CODE; Patient Care Products, Medical, Non-Powered Pressure Ulcer Management

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