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Orthodontic Pacifier Infant Accessories DYND70023 Medline

Orthodontic Pacifier Infant Accessories DYND70023 Medline
Item# MD300678

Pacifier, Yellow, Latex-Free - Orthodontic Pacifier

Medline Pacifier is Designed with Baby in Mind

This pacifier features a comfortable orthodontic silicone nipple with a natural feel that helps eliminate the risk of latex allergy and enhances oral development and muscle growth. It has a contoured shield that is gentle of the baby's skin and includes ventilation holes to prevent chapped or irritated skin. Swivel handle is easy-to-grip and the unisex color makes it perfect for any baby.

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Specifications for: Orthodontic Pacifier, Pacifier, Yellow, Latex-Free DYND70023

Product Name:Orthodontic Pacifier - Pacifier, Yellow, Latex-Free;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:DYND70023
Packaging:100 Each / Case;
Description:Pacifier, Yellow, Latex-Free
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Apparel, Patient Wear, Pediatric and Infant Apparel, Infant Accessories, Orthodontic Pacifier

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MD300678 DYND70023 Orthodontic Pacifier - Pacifier, Yellow, Latex-Free; Pacifier, Yellow, Latex-Free; 100 Each / Case;