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Other Alarm Products MDT84NURSE Medline

Other Alarm Products MDT84NURSE Medline
Item# MD362057

Cable, Nurse Call, Alarm, F/Mdt84**, Ea - Other Alarm Products

Cable, Nurse Call, Alarm, F/Mdt84**, Ea

Pressure-Sensing Safety Alarms: The Mdt8400 Series Patient Alarms Come Packed With Some Of The Most Sought-After Technological Features Typically Found Only On More Expensive Alarms, Including Auto-Sensing Without The Need For An On/Off Switch. The Best Part Is That You Can Choose From A Number Of Optional Accessories As Needed. Tamper-Resistant 2-Button Design Limits Patient/Resident Monitoring Interference. Adjustable Delayed Alarm Setting Limits False Alarms By Patients The Flexibility To Make Brief Movements Away From Their Sensor Mat. Volume Control. Low Battery Indicator Light. Extra-Durable Wheelchair Attachment Clip Included Accessories Nurse Call Cable For Mdt8400 & Mdt8450.

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Specifications for: Other Alarm Products, Cable, Nurse Call, Alarm, F/Mdt84**, Ea MDT84NURSE

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MDT84NURSE
Packaging:1 Each; 1 Each / Each
Description:Cable, Nurse Call, Alarm, F/Mdt84**, Ea
Top Seller:No
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: NO CODE; Patient Care Products, Medical, Other Alarm Products

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