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Oxus Reliability Plus RS-00410 Drive Medical

Oxus Reliability Plus RS-00410 Drive Medical
Item# DR385135

Oxus Reliability Plus

The Oxus Reliability Plus by Drive is the most reliable and clinically effective POC available on the market today. It is lightweight in its design and construction elements which makes it the most durable and dependable POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator) available on the market for Oxygen Therapy. The unit's Membrane Dryer removes up to 70%-80% of the humidity in the air which significantly extends the life of the sieve bed. Due to the way the membrane dryer is built the Oxus Reliability Plus out performs other POCs in various climates, including high humidity and even tropical locations. The Proprietary Compressor has an Ultra-Low Vibration which allows the patient to be comfortable and also extends the life of the unit. It delivers high purity supplemental O2 doses using a unique technology which increases the amount of O2 as you breathe faster and become more active. This technology allows the Oxus Reliability Plus to be highly sensitive and ensures the unit will deliver a comfortable pulse of oxygen with every breath. The Oxus Reliability Plus has a full text message screen which informs the user in plain English how the unit is functioning instead of just showing confusing lights and beeping alarms. This allows for quicker and more accurate troubleshooting. Unlike most POCs the Oxus Reliability Plus can operate in any orientation, whether it be on its back, side, or vertically. This allows it to be great for use on Airplanes and in any mode of transportation as well as receiving Oxygen at home. The unit comes complete with removable battery, mobility cart, care charger and durable carrying case.

Weighs less than 10 pounds and has proprietary design and construction elements that make it the most durable and dependable POC available. Membrane Dryer removes up to 80% of the humidity in the air, significantly extending sieve bed life. Proprietary Compressor is ultra-low vibration improving patient comfort and extending component life. Fixed Bolus delivery will deliver more oxygen when patients are active and need it most. Full Text Message alerts makes understanding alarms and maintenance schedule as easy as reading the display screen. Complete with removable battery, mobility cart and durable carry case.

Size: 7.6" x 5.6" x 11.9"; Weight: 9.9 lbs.; Purity: 87-96%; Flow Rate: Pulsed Dose Settings 1-5 (in 0.5 increments); Battery Life: 3 Hours on Setting 2; Max Output: 850 ml/min

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Specifications for: Oxus Reliability Plus, RS-00410

Product Name:Oxus Reliability Plus,
Manufacturer:Drive Medical
Manufacturer #:RS-00410
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Top Seller:No
Product Notes:Product Size: Standard
Weight Capacity: Not Applicable
Primary Product Material: Plastic
Optional Product Accessories:
Keywords:UPC: 822383272788; HCPCS: E1390 and E1392; Respiratory, Oxygen Concentrators, Oxus Reliability Plus, Portable Oxygen Concentrators, RP29

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