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Pitch-It IV Pole SCP30004012

Pitch-It IV Pole SCP30004012
Item# IV337384

Pitch-It IV Pole

The Sharps Compliance patented PitchIt IV poles are designed to eliminate the frustration and expense of retrieving, cleaning, bagging, and tagging used IV poles. The lightweight PitchIt IV poles can be packaged with other patient supplies with significant reduction in weight of the shipment. No assembly is required and their innovative tripod design allows them to be used on any floor or tabletop. PitchIt IV poles also eliminate the need for home infusion patients to improvise gravity-fed infusions with such items as coat hangers, doorknobs, light fixtures, or even nails in the wall. The Sr. IV Pole can hold any type of infusion pump and an IV bag of up to 3 liters. When no longer needed, the aluminum pole can be set out with other recyclables.

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Specifications for: Pitch-It Jr Table Top Iv - SCP30004012

Product Name:Pitch-It IV Pole
Manufacturer:Sharps Compliance Inc
Manufacturer #:SCP30004012
Packaging:12 Each/Case
Description:Pitch-It Jr Table Top Iv; Style~Pitch It Jr.; Type~Tabletop for Gravity-fed IV Infusions; Height~53" Extended, 28" Collapsed; Weight~1 lb;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Infusion IV Supplies
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: E0776;

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