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Posey Comfort Shoe Leg & Foot PSY6416 Posey Company

Posey Comfort Shoe Leg & Foot PSY6416 Posey Company
Item# MD315119

Comfort Shoe - Posey Comfort Shoe

Posey Comfort Shoe Offers Relief and Protection

Soft synthetic fur-lined shoe wraps the foot in comfort and helps prevent skin breakdown. Open toe design provides proper ventilation. Hook and loop closures adjust for the perfect fit. Not intended for walking. Machine washable.

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Specifications for: Posey Comfort Shoe, Comfort Shoe PSY6416

Product Name:Posey Comfort Shoe - Comfort Shoe;
Manufacturer:Posey Company
Manufacturer #:PSY6416
Packaging:1 Pair / Pair
Description:Comfort Shoe
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Patient Therapy/Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Soft Goods, Protectors, Leg & Foot, Posey Comfort Shoe

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MD315119 PSY6416 Posey Comfort Shoe - Comfort Shoe; Comfort Shoe; 1 Pair / Pair