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Post-Mortem Bags Post-Mortem Products NON70548W Medline

Item# MD306104

Adult, XL, 48" x 90" - Post-Mortem Bags

Constructed of white, 8 mil, high-grade vinylHeavy duty, rust-proof zippersAll bags feature curved zipper for ease of useAll individually bagged, includes 3 ID tags450 pound weight capacityOur design conforms to OSHA's Universal Precautions regarding containment of body fluids and protection from blood-borne pathogens

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Specifications for: Post-Mortem Bags, Adult, XL, 48" x 90" NON70548W

Product Name:Body Bags - 48" x 90 Adult XL;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:NON70548W
Packaging:10 Each / Case;
Description:Adult, XL, 48" x 90"
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Environmental Services, Post-Mortem Products, Post-Mortem Bags

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