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Power Procedural Chair Chairs MDR7516109 Medline

Power Procedural Chair Chairs MDR7516109 Medline
Item# MD309440

Universal clamp - Power Procedural Chair

Power Chair is Flexible Enough to Accommodate a Variety of Procedural Positions

Ideal for proctologic, Trendelenburg, OB/GYN, urologic, flat bed and many other procedural positions. Features include: multi-position adjustable stirrups to provide individual patients with optimum comfort. Padded leg rest converts to step/knee rest for versatile positioning. Head-end rails offer easy accessory attachment. With a one-piece upholstered top that promotes fast, efficient cleaning after each patient and a stainless steel irrigation basin. Four electrical outlets provide convenience during procedures while the master on/off switch provides additional safety by preventing accidental movement of table during exam or treatments.

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Specifications for: Power Procedural Chair, Universal clamp MDR7516109

Product Name:Power Procedural Chair - Universal clamp;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MDR7516109
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:Universal clamp
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Furnishings, Exam Furniture, Chairs, Power Procedural Chair

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