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SureTemp Plus 690/692 Oral Probe and Well Assembly Kit, 9' Cord 02893-100 Welch Allyn

SureTemp Plus 690/692 Oral Probe and Well Assembly Kit, 9' Cord 02893-100 Welch Allyn
Item# MD362060

Kit, Probe & Well, 9', Oral - Probes, Thermometer

Kit, Probe & Well, 9', Oral

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Specifications for: Probes, Thermometer, Kit, Probe & Well, 9', Oral W-A02893100

Product Name:KIT, PROBE & WELL, 9', ORAL;
Manufacturer:Welch Allyn
Manufacturer #:02893-100
Packaging:1 Each; 1 Each / Each
Description:Kit, Probe & Well, 9', Oral
Top Seller:No
Product Notes:KIT, PROBE & WELL, 9', ORAL
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: NO CODE; Patient Care Products, Medical, Probes, Thermometer

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