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PVC Buffers Crash Rails & Buffers TPKHIB40001 Medline

PVC Buffers Crash Rails & Buffers TPKHIB40001 Medline
Item# MD309752

Aluminum Retainer, 8' - PVC Buffers

Buffers Provide Maximum Impact Resistance at Point of Impact

These 2" thick buffers have built-in impact absorbers, so they offer unmatched protection at point of impact. Best when used in conjunction with crash rails, the rail absorbs impact from top of cart and buffer protects wall from bottom of cart. Perfect for use as chair rails, too. The textured surface resists dents and scratches, and the easy-to-clean PVC material protects against fungus and bacteria growth. To install, simply snap cover over retainer. 4" wide band of cover. State color choice when ordering.Colors: Ivory #2, Putty #3, Emerald Green #8, Café #13, Granite Gray #24. Custom colors available with 1,000 ft. mimimum orders

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Specifications for: PVC Buffers, Aluminum Retainer, 8' TPKHIB40001

Product Name:PVC Buffers - Aluminum Retainer, 8';
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:TPKHIB40001
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:Aluminum Retainer, 8'
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Furnishings, Facility Furniture, Wall Protectors, Crash Rails & Buffers, PVC Buffers

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