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Ring Basin Liner - DYNJ05369 Basin Liners DYNJ05369 Medline

Ring Basin Liner - DYNJ05369 Basin Liners DYNJ05369 Medline
Item# MD317307

Ring Basin Liner - Ring Basin Liner - DYNJ05369

O.R. set-up is quicker and easier with Medline's patented one-piece molded Basin Liners. Made of a Surlyn® film combination, this innovative design integrates a single, uniform, embossed ring stand drape with a molded basin liner. Saves time, money and waste by eliminating the need for plastic disposable basin sets or reprocessing of stainless steel bowls. Packaged banded and sterile in peel pouch, ready for use.1 CSR WRAP 24 X 241 LINER RING BASIN1 PAPER BAND 1 X 15 GUMMED1 UNPRINTED TYVEK POUCH SPEC

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Specifications for: Ring Basin Liner - DYNJ05369, Ring Basin Liner DYNJ05369

Product Name:Ring Basin Liner - DYNJ05369 - Ring Basin Liner;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:DYNJ05369
Packaging:36 Each / Case;
Description:Ring Basin Liner
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Surgical Supplies, Standard Surgical Packs, Basin Sets, Basin Liners, Ring Basin Liner - DYNJ05369

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MD317307 DYNJ05369 Ring Basin Liner - DYNJ05369 - Ring Basin Liner; Ring Basin Liner; 36 Each / Case;