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Shower/Bath Chairs PVCMR3HDSS Medline

Shower/Bath Chairs PVCMR3HDSS Medline
Item# MD361234

Casters, Ss, Repl Set For Shower Chair - Shower/Bath Chairs

Casters, Ss, Repl Set For Shower Chair

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Specifications for: Shower/Bath Chairs, Casters, Ss, Repl Set For Shower Chair PVCMR3HDSS

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:PVCMR3HDSS
Packaging:1 Set; 4 Each / ST
Description:Casters, Ss, Repl Set For Shower Chair
Top Seller:No
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: NO GOVT HCPCS VERIFI; Other Medical/Surgical Products - Durable, Shower/Bath Chairs

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MD361516 PVCMR4HD CASTERS, REPL, 4IN HEAVY DUTY, 2LK, 2NON; Casters, Repl, 4in Heavy Duty, 2lk, 2non; 4 Each / ST
MD361292 PVCMR5HD CASTER, 5IN, REPL, HEAVY DUTY, 2 LK, 2 NONLK; Caster, 5in, Repl, Heavy Duty, 2 Lk, 2 Nonlk; 4 Each / ST
MD361288 PVCMR5HDS CASTER, REPL, NON-LOCK, 5IN, F/SHOWER GURNEY; Caster, Repl, Non-Lock, 5in, F/Shower Gurney; 1 Each / Each
MD361893 PVCMR910 MATTRESS, CLOSED-CELL, GURNEY; Mattress, Closed-Cell, Gurney; 1 Each / Each
MD361656 PVCMR910BDPH DRAIN PAN, W/HOSE, REPL, FOR PVCM910B; Drain Pan, W/Hose, Repl, For Pvcm910b; 1 Each / Each
MD361489 PVCMRADJPIN PIN, REPLACEMENT, ADJ; Pin, Replacement, Adj; 1 Each / Each
MD361290 PVCMRDEC SEAT, REPL, DELUXE, ELONGATED, W/CLOSE FRONT; Seat, Repl, Deluxe, Elongated, W/Close Front; 1 Each / Each
MD361491 PVCMRRAILS BRACKET, RAIL, COMMODE, F/SHOWER CHAIR; Bracket, Rail, Commode, F/Shower Chair; 1 Each / Each
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MD361394 PVCMU5HD CASTER OPTION, 5INALL LOCK, PVCM SHR CHAIR; Caster Option, 5inall Lock, Pvcm Shr Chair; 4 Each / ST
MD361376 PVCMUSSDE SEAT, SOFT, DELUXE, ELONGATED, OPEN FRONT; Seat, Soft, Deluxe, Elongated, Open Front; 1 Each / Each