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Soft Built-Up Handle Shoehorn Dressing Aids THE2068 Medline

Item# MD314391

24" (60cm) - Soft Built-Up Handle Shoehorn

Oval-shaped handle of soft built-up foam measures 11/8" x 15/8" (3x4cm), making this stainless-steel shoehorn easy to grasp. Nylon hang-up loop can also be placed around wrist to secure shoehorn during use. Latex free.

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Specifications for: Soft Built-Up Handle Shoehorn, 24" (60cm) THE2068

Product Name:Soft Built-Up Handle Shoehorn - 24" (60cm);
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:THE2068
Packaging:1 Each / Each
Description:24" (60cm)
Top Seller:No
Product Notes:SHOEHORN,24"
Keywords:Patient Therapy/Rehabilitation, Aids to Daily Living, Dressing Aids, Soft Built-Up Handle Shoehorn

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