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Soft-Span Contour Sheets Contour Sheets MDT218619 Medline

Soft-Span Contour Sheets Contour Sheets MDT218619 Medline
Item# MD304710

Contour Sheet, 19 oz. - Soft-Span Contour Sheets

The Best Fitting Sheets in the Industry

Featuring Medline's patented, technological breakthrough! It all starts with a unique knitting process that inserts hyper-elastic Spandex yarns into the Soft-Span material. We have developed what promises to be health care's longest-lasting contour sheets. Soft-Span has stronger memory to better fit all sizes of health care mattresses, with or without foam overlays. Plus, these revolutionary sheets really hold their shape! Spandex makes Soft-Span incredibly shrink-resistant, greatly reducing pilling and virtually eliminating pinholing. Medline is so confident in the durability of Soft Span that we will provide a replacement sheet of equal value, free of charge, if either of the following conditions occurs within 18 months from the date of purchase: the sheet looses its elasticity/memory or the sheet has excessive pinholing.*

*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above. For more product information read marketing informational brochures below where available.

Specifications for: Soft-Span Contour Sheets, Contour Sheet, 19 oz. MDT218619

Product Name:Soft-Span 150 Contour Sheets - 19 oz.;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MDT218619
Packaging:6 Dozen / Bag; 3 Dozen / Case;
Description:Contour Sheet, 19 oz.
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Bedding & Towels, Sheets & Pillowcases, Contour Sheets, Soft-Span Contour Sheets

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*Excessive pinholing is defined as four or more pinholes visible to the naked eye. Medline will provide a free replacement sheet(s) subsequent to the return of the defective sheet(s) and an inspection to confirm that the defect ocurred under normal wear and tear. Medline will not replace sheets that have been damaged by ripping, tearing, or staining.