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Sure Set - Surgical Set Up DYNJS0108 DYNJS0108 Medline

Sure Set - Surgical Set Up DYNJS0108 DYNJS0108 Medline
Item# MD317048

Sure Set - Surgical Set Up - Sure Set - Surgical Set Up DYNJS0108

QUALITY AND INNOVATION. These are two characteristics that you demand in the O.R. But when you can combine quality and innovation with measurable cost savings, that's when you have something truly unique. Medline's standard procedure trays do just that.We manufacture a line of standard trays based on the most commonly performed procedures. Made from the high quality components that you expect from Medline, the trays are designed to be efficient and universal to all users.Not only do you reap the cost benefits from standardization, you don't have the financial responsibility that comes with customization. Inventory costs are lowered. The ordering process is streamlined. And set-up time is decreased.Benefits of Medline's Standard Procedure Trays:Medline carries the largest variety of standard surgical packsNo contract requiredAn easy way to save timeReduce supply costsOrder on an as-needed basisAlways available. No lead timeStandard items in kits similar to those used in custom trayCommon components from a variety of vendors at a fraction of the priceThis Standard Procedure Tray Includes:1 BAG BEDSIDE WHT 6.6X3.5X11.751 BAG POLY RECLOSEABLE 12X152 BLADE NO.10 TEFLON1 BLADE NO.15 TEFLON1 BLADE SHIELD1 BULB SYRINGE ASSEMBLED 24 CAV1 CAUTERY PENCIL P/B W/HLSTR1 CONTAINER SPECIMEN 4 OZ.1 CUP MEDICINE 2OZ (AIN)10 GAUZE 4X4 16PLY XRAY 10'S5 LAP SPNG 18X18 WASHED1 LBL:WHITE .5 X 1.75 9/CARD1 LID FOR 2OZ. MEDCUP1 LID FOR SPEC CONT 51778 BLUE2 LIGHT HNDL COVER SOFT1 NDL CNTR FM BL 1 MAG 40CT/80CT1 POLISHER CAUTERY TIP 5X5IN/BAG1 RULER FOR SKIN MARKER1 SKIN MARKER1 TBG SUCTION .25IN X 144IN1 TBL CVR 30X301 YANKAUER BULB TIP W/O VENT

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Specifications for: Sure Set - Surgical Set Up DYNJS0108, Sure Set - Surgical Set Up DYNJS0108

Product Name:Surgical Set-Up Sure Set - DYNJS0108 - Surgical Set-Up Sure Set;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:DYNJS0108
Packaging:24 Each / Case;
Description:Sure Set - Surgical Set Up
Top Seller:No
Keywords:Surgical Supplies, Standard Surgical Packs, Sure Sets, Sure Set - Surgical Set Up, Sure Set - Surgical Set Up DYNJS0108

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MD317048 DYNJS0108 Surgical Set-Up Sure Set - DYNJS0108 - Surgical Set-Up Sure Set; Sure Set - Surgical Set Up; 24 Each / Case;