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Sureprep Protective Wipes Skin Protective Wipes MSC1500Z Medline

Item# MD318707

Wipe - Sureprep Protective Wipes

Sureprep Protective Wipes Prepare the Skin for Adhesive and Help Protect Skin From Maceration

Sureprep Protective Wipes were designed to make adhesive removal less painful for the patient and protect skin from maceration. Non-sensitizing formula contains Citroflex to protect the skin without irritation or allergic reaction. Water-resistant coating removes easily with a skin cleanser or water.

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Specifications for: Sureprep Protective Wipes, Wipe MSC1500Z

Product Name:Sureprep Protective Wipes - Wipe;
Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MSC1500Z
Packaging:50 Each / box;
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:Wound Care, Advanced Wound Care, Skin Protective Wipes, Sureprep Protective Wipes

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