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Universal Tape Patches UNP174CLT

Universal Tape Patches UNP174CLT
Item# IV338923

Universal Tape Patches

Single-application, hypoallergenic adhesive holds carbon rubber electrodes in place. (Sizes not listed are also available.)

*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above.

Specifications for: Tape Patch Elctrd 3x3 - UNP174CLT

Product Name:Universal Tape Patches
Manufacturer:Kendall Healthcare Prod.
Manufacturer #:UNP174CLT
Packaging:100 Each/Pack
Description:Tape Patch Elctrd 3x3; Size~3" x 3"; Style~Cloth, Low-Tac Adhesive; Color~Tantone;
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Pain Management
Keywords:UPC: N/A; HCPCS: A4450; This item is replacement substitute for item UNP152CHT

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