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Walkers Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation MDS86850E Medline

Walkers Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation MDS86850E Medline
Item# MD363289

Rollator, Basic, Burgundy - Walkers

Rollator, Basic, Burgundy

Medline'S Deluxe Rollator: This Rolling "Walker" Has A Padded Seat, Curved Backrest, And Loop Brakes For Quick And Easy Stopping. It'S Easy To Maneuver And Folds For Storage. Hand Grips Adjust To Your Height: Measure 31" From Floor In Lowest Position Or 35" From Floor In Highest Position. Pull On Grips To Stop, Push To Lock Brakes. Seat Is 12" X 12"; 20 1/2" From Floor. The Unit Weighs Only 14 Lbs! Capacity: 250 Lb. Basket Comes Standard For Convenient Storage. Limited Lifetime Warranty On Frame. Six Month Warranty On Handgrips, Push Buttons, Brakes, Casters, Knobs, Brake Cable, Back Bar, Upholstery, Basket And Any Other "Wearable" Parts. Blue, Curved Back

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Specifications for: Walkers, Rollator, Basic, Burgundy MDS86850E

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:MDS86850E
Packaging:1 Each; 1 Each / Each
Description:Rollator, Basic, Burgundy
Top Seller:Yes
Keywords:UPC: 40080196311676; HCPCS: E0143 + E0156; Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Walkers

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