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Water Bottle 2 quart 42-840-000 MABIS

Water Bottle 2 quart 42-840-000 MABIS
Item# MA326337

Water Bottle, 2 quart

MABIS® Healthcare’s full line of Rubber Goods and Hygiene Products are manufactured to last. Made from durable, natural rubber latex, they are an economical choice in comparison to disposable systems. All items carry a lifetime limited warranty and are available in attractive four-color packaging. Large 2-quart capacity. Ribbed surface helps retain warm or cold temperatures.

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Specifications for: Water Bottle, 2 quart 42-840-000

Product Name:Water Bottle, 2 quart
Manufacturer #:42-840-000
Packaging:1 Each/Each
Description:Water Bottle, 2 quart
Top Seller:Yes
Product Notes:Hot/Cold Therapy Lifetime limited warranty
Keywords:UPC 7-67056-42840-9

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