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Wheelchair Parts Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation WCALRCLIP Medline

Wheelchair Parts Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation WCALRCLIP Medline
Item# MD363041

Clip, For Legrest, Shuttle, Ea - Wheelchair Parts

Clip, For Legrest, Shuttle, Ea

*Please note that the stock photo may differ from the actual product model listed above. For more product information read marketing informational brochures below where available.

Specifications for: Wheelchair Parts, Clip, For Legrest, Shuttle, Ea WCALRCLIP

Manufacturer:Medline Industries
Manufacturer #:WCALRCLIP
Packaging:1 Each; 1 Each / Each
Description:Clip, For Legrest, Shuttle, Ea
Top Seller:No
Keywords:UPC: 40884389116099; HCPCS: NO CODE; Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation, Wheelchair Parts

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MD362988 THE552764 BELT, SEAT, AUTO BUCKLE, 2 PIECE, 60IN; Belt, Seat, Auto Buckle, 2 Piece, 60in; 1 Each / Each
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MD362854 THE926738 HOLDER, URINARY DRAINAGE BAG, NO WINDOW; Holder, Urinary Drainage Bag, No Window; 1 Each / Each
MD363314 THEA707001 TRAY, LAP, SLIDE ON, F/WHEELCHAIR; Tray, Lap, Slide On, F/Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362890 WCA3000QRBRAK WHEEL LOCK, QUICK RELEASE, F/ EXCEL 3000; Wheel Lock, Quick Release, F/ Excel 3000; 2 Each / Pair
MD363072 WCA6100 HOLDER, OXYGEN TANK, F/WHEELCHAIR ADL; Holder, Oxygen Tank, F/Wheelchair Adl; 1 Each / Each
MD363098 WCA6200 HOLDER, CUP, F/WHEELCHAIR, ADL; Holder, Cup, F/Wheelchair, Adl; 1 Each / Each
MD362823 WCA806900 FOOTPLATE, W/TUBE, ALM, FOR S/A FOOTREST; Footplate, W/Tube, Alm, For S/A Footrest; 2 Each / Pair
MD363106 WCA806902 HUB CAP, REAR WHEEL, FOR EXCEL CHAIR; Hub Cap, Rear Wheel, For Excel Chair; 1 Each / Each
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MD363126 WCA806903 PIN, F/ARM LOCK, REM ARMS, EXCEL, WHEELCHAIR; Pin, F/Arm Lock, Rem Arms, Excel, Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363014 WCA806904 CAP, TUBE END, FOR BACK FRAME; Cap, Tube End, For Back Frame; 1 Each / Each
MD363162 WCA806905 TOOL SET, ACCESSORY, FOR WHEELCHAIR; Tool Set, Accessory, For Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362977 WCA806907 HANDLE TIP, F/WHEEL LOCK, BLACK RUBBER; Handle Tip, F/Wheel Lock, Black Rubber; 1 Each / Each
MD362766 WCA806909 HANDGRIP, FOR EXCEL CHAIR, BLACK, PAIR; Handgrip, For Excel Chair, Black, Pair; 2 Each / Pair
MD362881 WCA806910BLK ARMREST PAD, FULL LENGTH, BLACK, EXCEL; Armrest Pad, Full Length, Black, Excel; 1 Each / Each
MD362853 WCA806910NVY ARMREST PAD, FULL LENGTH, NAVY BLUE, EXCEL; Armrest Pad, Full Length, Navy Blue, Excel; 1 Each / Each
MD362773 WCA806910NYL PAD, ARMREST, FULL LENGTH, BLACK NYLON; Pad, Armrest, Full Length, Black Nylon; 1 Each / Each
MD362762 WCA806915BLK ARMREST PAD, BLACK DESK LENGTH, EXCEL; Armrest Pad, Black Desk Length, Excel; 1 Each / Each
MD362813 WCA806915FP ARMREST PAD, FULL LENGTH, F/FREEDOM PLUS; Armrest Pad, Full Length, F/Freedom Plus; 1 Each / Each
MD362763 WCA806915NVY ARMREST PAD, DESK-L, WHEELCHAIR, EXCEL, NAVY; Armrest Pad, Desk-L, Wheelchair, Excel, Navy; 1 Each / Each
MD362814 WCA806915NYL PAD, ARMREST, NYLON, BLK, DESK LENGTH, K3, K4; Pad, Armrest, Nylon, Blk, Desk Length, K3, K4; 1 Each / Each
MD362811 WCA806915P ARMREST PAD, DESK LENGTH, F/PED; Armrest Pad, Desk Length, F/Ped; 1 Each / Each
MD363025 WCA806915SH ARMREST PAD, SHUTTLE, DESK LENGTH, EA; Armrest Pad, Shuttle, Desk Length, Ea; 1 Each / Each
MD362812 WCA806915SL ARMREST PAD, FT, DESK LENGTH; Armrest Pad, Ft, Desk Length; 1 Each / Each
MD363110 WCA806918NVY CALF PAD, FOR WHEELCHAIR, EXCEL, NAVY BLUE; Calf Pad, For Wheelchair, Excel, Navy Blue; 1 Each / Each
MD363075 WCA806918NYL PAD, CALF, BLACK, NYLON, F/K3, K4, RECLINER; Pad, Calf, Black, Nylon, F/K3, K4, Recliner; 1 Each / Each
MD362820 WCA806920BLK UPHOLSTERY, SEAT, 18X16, WHEELCHAIR, BLACK; Upholstery, Seat, 18x16, Wheelchair, Black; 1 Each / Each
MD363086 WCA806920NS UPHOLSTERY, KIT, NVY, F/16IN WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Kit, Nvy, F/16in Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD363168 WCA806920NVYS UPHOLSTERY, KIT/NAVY, F/18IN WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Kit/Navy, F/18in Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD363083 WCA806921K3S UPHOLSTERY, SET, F/16IN K3 WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Set, F/16in K3 Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD362747 WCA806921K4S UPHOLSTERY, SET, F/16IN K4 WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Set, F/16in K4 Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD363165 WCA806922EXT SEAT EXTENSION, 18X18IN, K4, 3000 SERIES; Seat Extension, 18x18in, K4, 3000 Series; 1 Each / Each
MD362786 WCA806922K3S UPHOLSTERY, KIT, F/18IN K3 EXCEL 3000 SER; Upholstery, Kit, F/18in K3 Excel 3000 Ser; 1 ST / Case
MD362824 WCA806922K4S UPHOLSTERY, KIT, NYL, F/K4 18IN WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Kit, Nyl, F/K4 18in Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD362819 WCA806922R SEAT UPHOLSTERY, 20X17, NYLON, F/WHEELCHAIR; Seat Upholstery, 20x17, Nylon, F/Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362886 WCA806924R UPHOLSTERY, BACK, 20X22, NYLON, F/WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Back, 20x22, Nylon, F/Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362992 WCA806925BLK UPHOLSTERY, BACK, WHEELCHAIR, 18IN, BLACK; Upholstery, Back, Wheelchair, 18in, Black; 1 Each / Each
MD363307 WCA806925NVYS UPHOLSTERY, KIT, F/24IN X-WIDE WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Kit, F/24in X-Wide Wheelchair; 1 ST / ST; 1 Case / ST
MD363187 WCA806926K4 UPHOLSTERY, SEAT, WHEELCHR, BLK NYLON, 22IN; Upholstery, Seat, Wheelchr, Blk Nylon, 22in; 1 Each / Each
MD363385 WCA806926NVYS UPHOLSTERY, KIT, NVY, F/22IN WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Kit, Nvy, F/22in Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD363142 WCA806926SH1 UPHOLSTERY, BACK, 24", F/WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Back, 24", F/Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363383 WCA806927BLKS UPHOLSTERY, KIT, BLK, F/20IN WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Kit, Blk, F/20in Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD362993 WCA806927K4 UPHOLSTERY, SEAT, WHEELCHR, BLK NYLON, 20IN; Upholstery, Seat, Wheelchr, Blk Nylon, 20in; 1 Each / Each
MD363384 WCA806927NVYS UPHOLSTERY, KIT, NVY, F/20IN WHEELCHAIR; Upholstery, Kit, Nvy, F/20in Wheelchair; 1 ST / Case
MD363186 WCA806928K4 UPHOLSTERY, BACK, WHEELCHR, BLK NYLON, 22IN; Upholstery, Back, Wheelchr, Blk Nylon, 22in; 1 Each / Each
MD362821 WCA806929K4 UPHOLSTERY, BACK, WHEELCHR, BLK NYLON, 20IN; Upholstery, Back, Wheelchr, Blk Nylon, 20in; 1 Each / Each
MD362818 WCA806930 CASTER AND BEARING, 8IN, FRONT, F/EXCEL; Caster And Bearing, 8in, Front, F/Excel; 1 Each / Each
MD362734 WCA806930DT CASTER, FRONT, WITH BEARINGS, DT; Caster, Front, With Bearings, Dt; 1 Each / Each
MD362736 WCA806930PP CASTER, FRONT, WITH BEARINGS, PED, EA; Caster, Front, With Bearings, Ped, Ea; 1 Each / Each
MD362735 WCA806930SL CASTER, FRONT, WITH BEARINGS, FT; Caster, Front, With Bearings, Ft; 1 Each / Each
MD362858 WCA806930XW CASTER, FRONT, X-WIDE EXCEL WHEELCHAIR; Caster, Front, X-Wide Excel Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363158 WCA806931HHA FORK, CASTER, FRNT, WHEELCHAIR, HEMI, ADJ, STD; Fork, Caster, Frnt, Wheelchair, Hemi, Adj, Std; 1 Each / Each
MD363159 WCA806931XW FORK, F/FRONT CASTER, CHROME, F/XWIDE CHAIR; Fork, F/Front Caster, Chrome, F/Xwide Chair; 1 Each / Each
MD363177 WCA806933 AXLE AND NUT, F/FRONT CASTER, STD CHAIR; Axle And Nut, F/Front Caster, Std Chair; 1 Each / Each
MD363051 WCA806935DT WHEEL, REAR, AND BEARING, DT; Wheel, Rear, And Bearing, Dt; 1 Each / Each
MD362765 WCA806935PR BEARING, F/EXCEL FRONT CASTER; Bearing, F/Excel Front Caster; 2 Each / Pair
MD362990 WCA806935SL TIRE, REAR, AND BEARING, FT; Tire, Rear, And Bearing, Ft; 1 Each / Each
MD362953 WCA806940 HANDRIM, CHROME, FOR EXCEL WHEELCHAIR; Handrim, Chrome, For Excel Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362888 WCA806940COMP HANDRIM, FOR EXCEL WHEELCHAIR, COMPOSITE; Handrim, For Excel Wheelchair, Composite; 1 Each / Each
MD362827 WCA806945 WHEEL, REAR, NO HANDRIM, F/EXCEL WHEELCHAIR; Wheel, Rear, No Handrim, F/Excel Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362749 WCA806946 WHEEL, REAR, ASSEMBLY, W/HANDRIM F/K4; Wheel, Rear, Assembly, W/Handrim F/K4; 1 Each / Each
MD362864 WCA806946QR WHEEL, REAR, ASSEMBLY, 16-18IN, QR; Wheel, Rear, Assembly, 16-18in, Qr; 1 Each / Each
MD363343 WCA806948 WHEEL ASSEMBLY, REAR, F/XWDE EXCEL, W/HANDR; Wheel Assembly, Rear, F/Xwde Excel, W/Handr; 1 Each / Each
MD363163 WCA806950PR BEARING, F/EXCEL FRONT CASTER HOUSING; Bearing, F/Excel Front Caster Housing; 2 Each / Pair
MD362764 WCA806951R AXLE AND NUT, F/REAR WHEEL, F/REMOVBLE ARM; Axle And Nut, F/Rear Wheel, F/Removble Arm; 1 Each / Each
MD362883 WCA806952 AXLE AND NUT, F/REAR WHEEL, EXTRAWIDE W/C; Axle And Nut, F/Rear Wheel, Extrawide W/C; 1 Each / Each
MD363178 WCA806955PR BEARING, REAR, WHEELCHAIR, S#A0006-A108; Bearing, Rear, Wheelchair, S#A0006-A108; 2 Each / Pair
MD362850 WCA806957 BEARING, REAR, WHEELCHAIR, XWDE, AFTER 10/00; Bearing, Rear, Wheelchair, Xwde, After 10/00; 1 Pair / Pair
MD363362 WCA806960 ARM ASSEMBLY, D/L, WHEELCHAIR, NO PAD, PAIR; Arm Assembly, D/L, Wheelchair, No Pad, Pair; 2 Each / Pair
MD363322 WCA806960A ARM ASSEMBLY, D/L, WHEELCHAIR, K3, ALUMINUM; Arm Assembly, D/L, Wheelchair, K3, Aluminum; 2 Each / Pair
MD363342 WCA806961 ARM ASSEMBLY, F/L, WHEELCHAIR, NO PAD, PAIR; Arm Assembly, F/L, Wheelchair, No Pad, Pair; 2 Each / Pair
MD362714 WCA806964 FOOTREST, SWINGAWAY, HEEL LOOP, ALUMINUM; Footrest, Swingaway, Heel Loop, Aluminum; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362687 WCA806965 FOOTREST, SWING AWAY, DETACH, SEE TEXT; Footrest, Swing Away, Detach, See Text; 2 Each / Pair
MD362686 WCA806965E ASSEMBLY, FOOTREST, GRAY, PR; Assembly, Footrest, Gray, Pr; 1 Pair / Pair
MD363169 WCA806965HCMP FOOTREST, SWING AWAY, HEMI, BLK, FOOTPLATE; Footrest, Swing Away, Hemi, Blk, Footplate; 2 Each / Pair
MD362826 WCA806965KIDZ FOOTREST, COMPOSITE, F/PEDI CHAIR, PR; Footrest, Composite, F/Pedi Chair, Pr; 1 Pair / Pair
MD363308 WCA806968K4 ARM ASSEMBLY, SWING BACK, DESK LENGTH, F/K4; Arm Assembly, Swing Back, Desk Length, F/K4; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362862 WCA806969K4 ARM ASSEMBLY, FULL LGTH, SWING BCK, F/K4 PR; Arm Assembly, Full Lgth, Swing Bck, F/K4 Pr; 1 Pair / Pair
MD363104 WCA806975 SCREWS&WASHERS, F/ SEAT&BACK UPHOLSTERY; Screws&Washers, F/ Seat&Back Upholstery; 16 Each / ST
MD363153 WCA806980 SEAT GUIDES, BLACK PLASTIC, PERMANENT; Seat Guides, Black Plastic, Permanent; 4 Each / ST
MD363180 WCA806981 SEAT GUIDES, BLACK PLASTIC, REMOVABLE ARM; Seat Guides, Black Plastic, Removable Arm; 1 ST / ST
MD362748 WCA806985E LEG REST, ELEVATING, GRAY, PR; Leg Rest, Elevating, Gray, Pr; 1 Pair / Pair
MD363309 WCA806985KIDZ ASSEMBLY, LEGREST, ELEVATING, F/KIDZ CHAIR; Assembly, Legrest, Elevating, F/Kidz Chair; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362719 WCA806990K4 WHEEL LOCK, ASSEMBLY, WHEELCHAIR, VER BOLT; Wheel Lock, Assembly, Wheelchair, Ver Bolt; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362715 WCA806990P LOCK, WHEEL, ASSEMBLY, WHEELCHAIR, PERM ARM; Lock, Wheel, Assembly, Wheelchair, Perm Arm; 2 Each / Pair
MD362720 WCA806990PK4 WHEEL LOCK, ASSEMBLY, WC, HORIZ BOLT; Wheel Lock, Assembly, Wc, Horiz Bolt; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362716 WCA806990R LOCK, WHEEL, ASSEMBLY, WHEELCHAIR, REM ARM; Lock, Wheel, Assembly, Wheelchair, Rem Arm; 2 Each / Pair
MD363068 WCA806995 DUST CAP, F/FRONT FORK HOUSING, EXCEL; Dust Cap, F/Front Fork Housing, Excel; 1 Each / Each
MD362732 WCA806996 SLIDE TUBE, F/STD EXCEL WHEELCHAIR; Slide Tube, F/Std Excel Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362733 WCA806997 SLIDE TUBE, FOR X-WIDE WHEELCHAIR; Slide Tube, For X-Wide Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363144 WCA808902 FOLDING MECHANISM, AND PADDLE, F/TRANSPORT; Folding Mechanism, And Paddle, F/Transport; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362916 WCA808905 BAR, STABILIZING, FOR 18" RECLINER W/C; Bar, Stabilizing, For 18" Recliner W/C; 1 Each / Each
MD363360 WCA808906PR PISTON, RECLINING SYSTEM, RECLINING W/C; Piston, Reclining System, Reclining W/C; 2 Each / Pair
MD363189 WCA808908 HANDLE, PAIR, WITH CABLE FOR RECLINER; Handle, Pair, With Cable For Recliner; 1 Each / Each
MD362711 WCA808920 UPHOLSTERY, SEAT, 17IN, WHEELCHAIR, BLACK; Upholstery, Seat, 17in, Wheelchair, Black; 1 Each / Each
MD362709 WCA808920R UPHOLSTERY, SEAT, RECLINER, 18X17IN, NYLON; Upholstery, Seat, Recliner, 18x17in, Nylon; 1 Each / Each
MD362708 WCA808924R UPHOLSTERY, BACK, FOR RECLINER, 18X22IN; Upholstery, Back, For Recliner, 18x22in; 1 Each / Each
MD363141 WCA808926R HEADREST, F/ RECLINER, 18X10IN, NYL; Headrest, F/ Recliner, 18x10in, Nyl; 1 Each / Each
MD363111 WCA808945 WHEELREAR, BEARING, AXLE, WHEELCHAIR, TRANS; Wheelrear, Bearing, Axle, Wheelchair, Trans; 1 Each / Each
MD363012 WCA808990SL HANDLE, WHEEL LK, FT; Handle, Wheel Lk, Ft; 1 Each / Each
MD362994 WCA85HDREST1 HEADREST, ASSEMBLY, 16X10, F/WHEELCHAIR; Headrest, Assembly, 16x10, F/Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363052 WCA85HDREST2 HEADREST, ASSEMBLY, 20X10, F/WHEELCHAIR; Headrest, Assembly, 20x10, F/Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363176 WCACUP HOLDER, CUP, FOR WHEELCHAIR; Holder, Cup, For Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363107 WCAHBRAKE HANDBRAKES, FOR DT WHEELCHAIR, PR; Handbrakes, For Dt Wheelchair, Pr; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362816 WCAHEMIKIT CASTER, 1 HEMI, FOR EXCEL 1000 CHAIR; Caster, 1 Hemi, For Excel 1000 Chair; 1 Each / Case
MD363041 WCALRCLIP CLIP, FOR LEGREST, SHUTTLE, EA; Clip, For Legrest, Shuttle, Ea; 1 Each / Each
MD362769 WCARECBAR2 BAR, STABILIZING, F/RECL WHEELCHAIR, 20IN; Bar, Stabilizing, F/Recl Wheelchair, 20in; 1 Each / Each
MD363036 WCARECBARK BAR KNOB, STABILIZING, F/RECLINER; Bar Knob, Stabilizing, F/Recliner; 1 Each / Each
MD362919 WCATQ0103158 ARMREST, PAD, DESK-L, WHEELCHAIR, BLK, UNIV; Armrest, Pad, Desk-L, Wheelchair, Blk, Univ; 1 Each / Each
MD362865 WCATQ2031144 UPHOLSTERY, SEAT, 20X16IN, EMBOSSED, NVY BLU; Upholstery, Seat, 20x16in, Embossed, Nvy Blu; 1 Each / Each
MD363199 WCATQ4000 EXTENSION, HEADREST, F/ 20, 22 AND 24" WC; Extension, Headrest, F/ 20, 22 And 24" Wc; 1 Each / Each
MD363117 WCATQ4012BLK SEAT BELT, 48IN, AUTO BCKLE, PED, WHEELCHAIR; Seat Belt, 48in, Auto Bckle, Ped, Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD363084 WCATQ4020BLK SEAT BELT, 2X48IN, PUSH BUTTN, BLK, WHEELCHR; Seat Belt, 2x48in, Push Buttn, Blk, Wheelchr; 1 Each / Each
MD363139 WCATQ4025BLK SEAT BELT, AUTO BUCKLE, 2X60IN, WHEELCHAIR; Seat Belt, Auto Buckle, 2x60in, Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each
MD362774 WCATQ4035BLK SEAT BELT, AIRLINE BCKLE, 2X60IN, WHEELCHAR; Seat Belt, Airline Bckle, 2x60in, Wheelchar; 1 Each / Each
MD362776 WCATQ4040BLK SEAT BELT, VELCRO, WHEELCHAIR, 2X48IN, BLK; Seat Belt, Velcro, Wheelchair, 2x48in, Blk; 1 Each / Each
MD362856 WCATQ4045BLK SEAT BELT, VELCRO, 2X60IN, WHEELCHAIR, BLACK; Seat Belt, Velcro, 2x60in, Wheelchair, Black; 1 Each / Each
MD362991 WCATQ4090BLK SEAT BELT, PLAST PINCH BCKL, WHEELCHR, BLK; Seat Belt, Plast Pinch Bckl, Wheelchr, Blk; 1 Each / Each
MD363024 WCATQ4090GRY SEAT BELT, PLAST PINCH BCKL, WHEELCHR, GRY; Seat Belt, Plast Pinch Bckl, Wheelchr, Gry; 1 Each / Each
MD363446 WCATQ501003 ANTI TIPPER, FRONT, FOR 7/8IN TUBING; Anti Tipper, Front, For 7/8in Tubing; 1 Pair / Pair
MD362703 WCATQ5012BLK HEEL LOOP, WHEELCHAIR; Heel Loop, Wheelchair; 1 Each / Each; 1 Pair / Each; 1 Bag / Each
MD363401 WCAWHEELKIT CONVERSION KIT, TRANSPORT, 3K SERIES W/C; Conversion Kit, Transport, 3k Series W/C; 1 Kit / Kit